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website design for auto electricianGetting a website design for your business or organisation is an integral part of your overall marketing plan. A website will give you added exposure and present your business professionally.

Many of our clients just aren’t sure of what they want or how to go about getting starting on their business web site. Each client has their own vision of what they want from their web site. It’s our job to translate that vision onto the internet and make it effective!

We pride ourselves in being able to simply explain the process of website design in plain English and without confusing you with jargon. We can walk you through the development process with ease, registering a domain name (website address) for you, set up your email accounts and build your website.

Often, business owners come to us with little more than a nagging feeling that they really should have a website or need to update their existing website. We can help you through the whole process with logo design, website design, Google advertising, business cards and design of promotional material.  We can even host and maintain your website and keep it secure, updated and ranking well!

Website design for brand transformation

As a full-service web agency, our technical skills and creative vision have been fine-tuned for the digital space. We don’t just build websites, we build online businesses.

Customer-focused websites have been our speciality since 1999.

Energise Web has helped businesses both in New Zealand and overseas by:

  • Creating online experiences that exceed simple website design
  • Building business brand awareness
  • Increasing returns on investment
  • Producing quality content consistently

Creating digital experiences that bring brands to life

Tell us the story of your business and we can form your vision into a website that your customers will be delighted to interact with.

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Quality Design Builds Your Brand Awareness

Did you know that you only have up to five seconds to engage and retain your website visitor? This is barely enough time to load the page, let alone engage a potential client.

Your website is your business’ online sales representative so first impressions are vitally important.

Your website creates the first impression your visitor has of your business. Good design also reinforces your company’s brand and builds trust with your customer.

Dedicated Website Designers

Energise Web has been the web designers of choice for clients all over the world from small business websites in NZ to secure websites for large corporates. We like to think that our advantage over many other web designers is that we can simplify the website design process for you and explain internet marketing in a way you can understand.

We’ve developed a huge range of websites for our clients. While most are business websites, we have also built websites for charities, artists and private trusts.

Our design philosophy

We specialise in clean web designs that are fully-integrated to work seamlessly on all platforms.

Every client has their own vision of what they want from their website. It’s our pleasure to translate that vision into an effective platform for your customers to interact with your brand.

In fact, the design must work hand-in-hand with your branding in order to emphasize your business strengths, mission and philosophies. This ultimately urges your visitors to take action.

Successful web design is more than just a pretty website.

Our web designers factor in all elements of design from the position of the user to create a dynamic platform that offers a pleasing experience to your new customers.

“Aero Pets have used Energise Web for several years and have found that with Energise behind us, the enquiries through our web site have been outstanding. The company is easy to approach, very prompt and supportive and often suggest ways we can improve our online presence. They also have confidence in their own ability, so can tell us when we might be heading down the wrong track. I can thoroughly recommend Dave Smyth and his staff as they are an essential part of our marketing arm.”
Tony Crump – Aeropets Ltd

Custom Websites

Our ground-up websites give us the ability to really get to know your business and allow us to mould your digital presence to best represent the uniqueness of your brand. We pride ourselves on clean and intuitive designs built around your customers’ needs.

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We create user experiences – not just websites.

Responsive website design

Built for business, designed for devices.

Our team of passionate web designers work tirelessly to ensure the design we develop for your website can adapt easily to all platforms.

48% of consumers perform online searches first on their phones before making a purchase. Google loves mobile-friendly websites too. In fact, it’s now a ranking signal!

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Website Support Services

A website is not just a “build and forget” kind of thing. You need to consider how you will manage;

  1. Hosting for your website.
  2. Software updates.
  3. Security to prevent hacking.
  4. Email and domain registration.
  5. Backup and recovery.
  6. Content updates.
  7. Troubleshooting technical issues.
  8. Website analytics.
  9. Social media.
  10. Paid advertising online.
  11. Ranking higher on Google.
  12. Reporting online marketing results.

At Energise Web, we can provide expert services for all these and provide support to help you grow your business without having to learn how to do all of this yourself. We can customise a package that suits your needs and your budget. Get in touch with us to discuss your options!

Our Website Design services include:

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